Hi Guys! How’s it going!

For the last two or three months one of my friends told me that she fancied a boy in my year. To me I thinking right ok that’s great, I really hope that blossoms into something great. However, she does not have much confidence as she has never really been in a situation like that before. Well.. she has liked another guy, (we’ll call him desisting tit), but it never really developed into anything thing because, ‘excuse my french’ but¬†and absolute dick to her!

Right anyway, back to the story, I can tell my friend absolutely likes this guy (we’ll call him lamppost (he is a really tall person!)). She gets really girly to me about him and to be honest its really sweet! But she has never been in a proper relationship before and she doesn’t know what to do, but that is fair enough! So I have been giving her advise:

  • You may be absolutely petrified to tell him that you fancy him, but drop hint to him or get close to him.
  • How do you know he won’t like you back after you tell him?! You will most likely feel better after telling him anyway!
  • If you don’t try, you may never be able to do it for any other time. You need to break that first bond, it’s like when you break a glow stick, you can’t get the glow until you break it!
  • You may feel after you tell him he won’t be your friend or ignore you for the rest of your life. First of all, if your feeling like this right now calm down… BREATH! You need to realise if he is a good friend he will either like you back, won’t like you back but still be a good friend to you, or be a ‘dick’ and ignore you. If he does the third one it shows he was never a good friend in the first place and may show you that you didn’t miss out there. (You didn’t miss out on a great guy that you can call your boyfriend).
  • Ok imagine you have told him, and he is being a dick, you now think the world is over and you can never tell a guy you like them ever again! You are wrong there my friend! You will get over it after a few days and when you like a different guy again you might feel more confident because you have already said it to another guy. Just believe in yourself!

I’m so sorry if you didn’t understand that, or you already know that advise, I just wanted to write it so people who happen to stubble across my blog may benefit from my advise.

Lots of love


Hi guys!

On Tuesday 4th of November my drama teacher, a languages teacher, myself and 12 other Performing Arts students traveled up to London after period four. We were going to see The Women in Black and Ghost Stories.

When we got to Covent Garden we went to the Fortune Theatre to watch the ‘Woman in Black’ and it was absolutely amazing. I have never seen the film, but I would definitely recomend watching if you live in the UK!

After it finished we had some free time to wonder round Covent garden and it was great to show my friend some of the sights because she has never been to London before either!

After about and hour and a half, it consisted of walking to the nearest McDonalds in the pouring rain ūüėā this was not exactly fun! But the end result was tasty!

Then it was time to get scared! And I mean REALLY scared! I never watch horror films or anything so when I was watching this I was close to weeing myself! Again, if you live in the UK go to the Arts Theatre and watch it! I however did think it was amazingly done. We’ll both plays were!


How to relax after Revising

I’m such a bad blogger *smacks hand*

So this year I have gone into year eleven, which means a lot of revision starts now! First of all scary! Second of all stressful! However, I find these tips useful to de-stress after a few hours of revision.

- Watching YouTube РThis is very relaxing especially with a cup of tea and a brownie 

- Baking or cooking –¬†When ever I can I love to cook things for dinner, but especially bake things like cake and brownies. (Has to be Mary Berry¬†recipe ;)) Not only is it¬†therapeutic but you normally get to eat it too and that’s just the best!¬†

- A tv/film series marathon –¬†The Big Bang Theory hits the nail on the head¬†every time ;)

- Reading –¬†A good book is never bad for you!

- Do your make-up –¬†I love just doing my make-up, I just think it’s something fun to do!

- Seeing your friends/boyfriend/girlfriend РThey always seem to know how to make you laugh! 

A short but sweet post :) Thanks for reading :)

August Favourites

Whats up readers! 

Haven’t talked to you for a while, been busy… kinda ;)

So basically for this blog post, I was thinking an August Favourites. I sometimes watch these on Youtube/read them on people’s blogs. But I have never written one myself, and I thought why not.

As tomorrow is the last day of August, I am showing you my favourites from this month.

Hay Day – This is an app on my Phone where you have a farm and you have to do orders and look after animals etc. Its extremely addictive and I am on level 19. My dad is very addicted to it and is already is on 30 something.


My Hair РYesterday I got my hair cut, and for me I had no idea what i wanted to do apart from go shorter than what I was. At the start I was thinking a long bob kinda thing, but I just decided to take off 4 inches. This too me is sooooo much ;)

This is a before picture (about a week or two ago) -


Now -



I now can’t wait till I get it cut even shorter :P

Tara’s Smile – She started off as an ‘Instagramer’ and now does youtube videos too. Her photos are fab and her videos are also fab. Go follow her!


Products from KIKO – I have two or three products already from KIKO and already love them! However I purchased their Compact powder and Ph lip enhancer. The powder is really good and lasts for quite a number of hours. I would have to re-aply if it was something like a 12 hour day. The Ph lip enhancer, brings out the natural colour of your lips and is a lip balm with spf too.



Maybelline РBaby skin is a face primer which helps my make up stay all day and it is so good. Enough said!   


Mac – ¬†When I went to Portsmouth I went into The Cosmetics Company Shop where you can buy expensive make-up brands like Mac, Bobbi Brown and Clinique, cheaper. I have never brought any mac before and have always wanted too and now I have! I got a blush in ‘Pink Tea’


and a paint pot in ‘Soft Orcre’



That’s it for todays post! Talk to you later! :*¬†

Outfit of the Day – 9th August 2014




Vest Top РPrimark 

Skirt РTopshop 

Sandals РAccessorise 

Ear Cuff РRiver Island 

Yesterday me and my family went to Southampton so I wore this girly outfit but edged it up a bit with  a lot of winged eyeliner.

Thanks for reading x

TMI tag!

Hi Readers! So today i will be doing the TMI tag, which is where you answer 50 questions about yourself.

1.What are you wearing?

Tank top and shorts.

2. Ever been in love?

Yes – I am in love right now with my boyfriend.

3. Ever had a terrible break up?

Erm… I have had bad break-ups, but because the relationship was never serious it never really hurt a lot.

4. How tall are you?

No clue!

5. How much do you weigh? 

No idea!

6.  Any Tatoos?

No, not yet ;)

7. Any piercings?

Only your typical ears piercing you get as a child! I really want the scaffolding piercing though.

8. OTP

Zoe Sugg and Tyler Oakley! = ZYLER! ;)

9. Favourite show?

At the moment its Bones and Big Brother. However I love a lot of shows and this changes over time.

10. Favourite Bands?

Evanescence, The Used, Lacuna Coil, Foo Fighters, Kaiser Chiefs, Lincoln Park, Lady Gaga.

11. Something you miss.

My nan and grandad :(

12. Favourite Song?

Marry The Night – Lady Gaga

13. How old are you?


14.  Zodiac Sign.


15. Quality you look for in a parter.

Is good at bringing the real me out and when ever I’m sad can always cheer me up.

16. Favourite quote?

Each day is a gift and not a given right.

17. Favourite actor.

Being a drama freak I love lots of them, but I do love David Tennant and Helena Bonham Carter. 

18. Favourite colour.

Black, Blue, Green

19. Loud or soft music?

LOUD! Unless I’m trying to sleep then soft ;)

20. Where do you like to go when your sad?

My bed.

21. How long does it take you to shower?

Between 3-10 minutes, it depends what I’m doing (i.e. washing my hair/shaving my legs)

22. Ever been in a physical fight?

Only when I did Karate, which I have a Black Belt in!

23. Turn on?

V-lines! ;)

24. Turn off?

Someone who is a right dick to you.

25. Book your currently reading.

‘If I stay’

26. The relationship between the person you last texted?


27. Favourite food?

Lasagne. Mmmm…

28. Place you want to visit?

New York

29. Favourite flavour of sweet?

It depends on what sweets they are ;)

30.  Favourite piece of Jewellery?

My 4 leaf clover necklace.

I have only done 30 of the typical 50 questions.

Hope you enjoyed.  



Hi Readers!

As you can see by the title, todays post is all about confidence. Its a bit of a different style post today.

For me confidence is a big part of my life and anyone’s really. At school my favourite subject is drama and plan to go on to teach it later in life. But for anyone who knows drama well, knows you have to have confidence. however you don’t just need it for drama and the arts. A few of my friends aren’t very confident whether it be over boys or just walking around school without blushing too much and going red.

So here are some tips if you want some confidence:

  • Be confident in yourself, for example if you don’t like the way you look put post it notes on your mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful the way you are.¬†
  • If your in school and have bullies lurking around, that like to pick on people. Ignore them, they are so not worth it! I know it’s easier said than done, but you have to ignore them to stop them from bringing you down.
  • When you walk around, back straight, stand tall! Its not only good for your posture but good for when you want confidence.¬†
  • Be Happy! Yes there are bumps in the road, whether it be big or small and trust me I know and have many more to come, but you have to keep smiling! It will increase your confidence and smiles are gorgeous!¬†

I hope you liked this style of post.

Talk to you later 


Hi guys!

So I know, my posts have been lacking, but I’m sorry, however I have had a lot on my plate.

Over the last month, I have been part of the Surrey Youth Drama festival with my school, I have had DofE final expedition, (where we got lost and i got an injury). Stats GCSE and mocks, then induction days for year 6’s, clearing out my Nan’s house, then having to go through the emotion of knowing there are new people in that house.
But I promise to write a new one soon. But I need to think of something to blog about. ;)

Till then xx

Make-up Routine

Hi Readers! Sorry for the lac of posts! Writers block and too much school!

But basically this is my make-up routine on days i can be bothered to wear it!

To start off with I moisturise my face with Daily Smooth Body Butter from soap and glory. I get really dry skin around my nose and this really helps!

I then go onto my foundation which is Rimmel Match Perfection in number 101 and use my Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I either have a full coverage or I just put it under my eyes etc.

Afterwards I do my eyebrows with MUA powder, eyebrow ‘spooly’ and a brush. To get a good shape brow, I brush them threw before the powder then brush them through again.

I then move onto my eyes, where today I used my technic pallet and went for a subtle pink then my favourite eyeliner ever which is the Maybeline Gel Eyeliner. It is absolutely amazing and lasts all day and does not budge at all! I go for quite a thick cat eye.

As a highlighter I use a technic Blucher since it is a pale peach colour and works really well under the eyebrow to give it definition.

To finish off my eye look I curl my lashes then add my mascara – Great lash mascara from Maybeline.

I then powder my face with stay matte powder and then bronze it up with natural bronzer, both from Rimmel.

I add a little blusher from sleek then finished it all off with Tanya Burr’s Heart Skipped a Beat Lipgloss. Here are the pictures of products:

IMG_4194 I Like to watch YouTube while doing it ;) IMG_4196

IMG_4197 IMG_4198 IMG_4199


IMG_4200 IMG_4202

IMG_4201 IMG_4204 IMG_4205 IMG_4206 IMG_4208 IMG_4207 IMG_4215


Thanks for reading! xxx



Eurovision Song Contest 2014

So last night on the 10th of May, the Eurovision Song contest took place last night in Copenhagen, Denmark. The whole show was absolutely fabulous (fabelhaft, in german) ;) and the majority of the songs were incredible. Obviously you got the songs which were very cheesy like the song ‘Cheesecake’ by Belarus and then you got the songs which I absolutely loved. These included -

Iceland – ‘No prejudice’

Norway – ‘Silent Storm’

Malta – ‘Coming Home’

Ukraine – ‘Tick Tock’

Sweden – ‘Undo’

And of course the Uk’s own Molly who sung ‘Children of the Universe’ which was amazing and I would suggest you check it out if you haven’t heard it yet.

Then at the end of the night the hosts announced the winner and it was Austria with Conchita singing ‘Rise like a Phoenix’

Well done Austria! Till next year.



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