Saturday 12th April 2014

Hello Readers!

So this blog post is going to be about my day yesterday – almost like a day in a life post. So to start off with I obviously woke up and had some breakfast before getting dressed. I decided to wear my such fun t-shirt a blue skirt with white polka dots and my Docs. And I did my make up like normal – winged eyeliner ;) 

Me and my family then go to our local big Marks and Spencer and adjoining Tesco (where we went for lunch) 


^ my lunch ;) was good!

We then got a few bits in Marks and then I had to get some Polo tops for school. Which was just fun. NOT!

Then it was time for me and my lovely mother to go up to London because I was seeing Miranda live at 8pm. We got the train and there were these really annoying posh people next to us. We then found out they would be going to Miranda too and started doing some quotes which was not cool. Once we were in London, we got the tube to Oxford street to get a few bits and we popped into the disney store and I got a picture with Anna from Frozen


(Please ignore my face). We then tried to find the Superdrug and after a long time we did find it and I managed to find it and I got


The colour is – Heart Skipped a Beat 


They were on special offer ;)

It was then time to get back on the Tube to the O2, but before we went in we got something to eat and drink form Costa


Once we finished we went in and I got some T-shirts and a program and then to our seats!


Words can not describe how amazing she was and I have a secret…

when she came on, I almost cried! (Out of happiness of course) ;) and then it was time to go home. An enjoyable day with my mum and great bonding time. 

Thanks for reading, 

Love Lucy xx

Spring Nail Colours!

So another post from me today! Wow crazy ;)

My sister suggested I do a post on Nail Varnishes and I thought since its spring I will do a post on Spring Nail Colours! 


From left to right – Mint Green, Mango, Prickly Pear, Passion Fruit.

The majority of my nail collection is Barry M and they are the best polishes ever! They stay on for at least over a week and doesn’t chip. However I’m the sort of person who will wear darker colours in the Spring/Summer and brighter colours in Autumn/Winter, just because I don’t always follow fashion trends. But I might try to wear these colours because it will go with outfit ideas I have in my mind. For example some flamingo shorts I got yesterday with a yellow top and wear the ‘Prickly Pear’ nail varnish. Oooh spring is going to be exciting!

The only bad thing about nail polish is that I can’t wear it to school, which just annoys me.

Happy reading, Follow if you like

Lucy xx  

How me and my Sister spend our lazy days

So today, my parents had to go down south today to sort out my Nan’s house and it was just me and my sister to chill and laze around. This meant we had lots of food, sofa, duvet and big bang theory box set DVD’s. We drew the curtains in and the lights off and sat on the sofa all day. 

It was such a great day since me and my sister got to hang out and, come on who doesn’t like sitting on the sofa all day laughing at Sheldon Cooper on Big Bang!

This was just a quick post, but check out my blog and my other posts.

Happy reading ;)

Lucy xx

5th April 2014 – Make up/Haul/And Daily Post

Hey Readers! 

Today’s post could be a long one so get a cuppa ;)

So I woke up today and watched a bit of one of the best programs on earth (Big Bang Theory) and then got ready for the day. My make up included



I had to hurry as I was catching a train early into Guildford as I was meeting my Auntie and my cousin (who I haven’t seen in nearly two years since she has been traveling) and we went shopping before my parents and my sister came and joined us in the afternoon. 

It was so nice seeing my cousin, she is nearly 27 and I have never had a close relationship with her (or any of my cousins) but now I know she is back, for a while at least, I can build up a good relationship. This excites me!

But what I got today:-



Skittles and M&M’s from the American Candy Shop






Purse and Midi Rings from Accessorise





Shorts, Vest, and Top from Primark



A Sleek blush from super drug 

It was sad saying goodbye today, however it means I can see them again. 

I am now on easter break so it means I will be able to blog more :)

Thanks for reading xx


My Lip Products Collection

Hey Guys! 

So today’s post will be about my lipstick products collection, since I felt like writing about something make up based. For me the key things in my make-up bag is a good concealer, gel eyeliner and a sassy lipstick. 

Due to the fact that there were quite a number of points on my boots card I got Lipcote, which is like a sealer for your lipstick and it’s brilliant!

So here is my collection of lip products - Image

Lipcote, BabyLips in Hydrate and Peach Kiss, No7 in Opulent Plum, Max factor in Dusky Rose, BarryM in number 334, Kate Moss (Rimmel) in number 101, VirginV water lips, Bourjois colour boost, Technic lipstick in a red, purply/brown and pink, 17 in the colours roserie, and roasted red, and Natural collection in mink crystal. 


What the colours look like :)

And my favourite would have to be the No7 lipstick because it used to be my Mum’s and she then gave it to me and I love the dark vampy look it gives! Sentimental and daymn hot ;) 

Blogs too come soon 

Lucy x


Hi Guys!

Hows it going? Haven’t spoken to you guys in a while! (been very busy with school!)

But basically this is going to be a bit of a diary post since so many of my feelings have been building up inside of me for a while and I need to let them out. So please carry on reading if you would like.

To start off with my flipping German Controlled Assessment is taking me over right now and its doing my head in. I wish I hadn’t picked German at all now!

Me and my best friend had an argument during the week. and we’re fine now but I’m still upset because I’m getting jelous over the fact that I think I have lost her to her other friend. She is always with her and is planning her birthday thing and making so much effort with her and she doesn’t do that with me anymore. :(

And this just affects how I feel as well as other things and it’s bringing me down :(

But anyway my relationship with my boyfriend is going good apart from the fact that when I feel crap that then rubs off onto him and we sometimes argue.

But anyway I’m gonna try to do a post soon and sorry for such a sad post.

Talk to you later!

Lucy xx 


Fashion and Beauty Haul

So today I had to pop to Basingstoke because my sister is going on a school trip and needed some stuff, and since I have Christmas/Birthday money and vouchers which meant – a bit of shopping.

So just like any YouTuber would (a haul video) I am doing a Haul Blog Post. I hope you enjoy, if not I’m sorry!

First of all I went into Primark,


I picked up this flowery vest top for £4.00, I am looking forward to wearing this into spring tucked into a skirt or something. Image

For £1.00 I picked up some rollers.


I then picked up these due to the fact they are great for dog walking and for £4.00 I thought it was a bargain. I then ventured into Boots.


I was running low on my Hydrate Baby Lips so I picked one up – £2.99


Water Proof Great Lash Mascara in Very Black – £4.99


Maybelline Gel Eyeliner – £7.99 – I am excited to use this however it has glitter in which I am not so sure about.


For £2.50 I thought why not!


I have been excited to use this since I got it!! – £12.49

I then got to books because I had a Waterstones voucher – Image

HHhH by Laurent Binet  - £8.99

The Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky – £6.99

Thanks for reading! xx

Valentines Day

So as we all know, its getting to that time of the year again… Valentines Day…

In my opinion the worst day of the year! 

One time in my German class we had a discussion about this day, to start off with one of my class mates my friend said it’s a day where you can show the one you love how much you love them. But in my opinion if you love them you should show them when ever you want and shouldn’t have a certain day to do it. 

However I could be all saying this because I am not a romantic person at all! 

Let me know what you think. 

Thanks for reading xx

Colours By Technic

Hello Readers!

This post is a little different… This is about a piece of my make-up collection. ImageImageImage

This is my pallet which I received in a Colours by Technic make-up case at christmas. What I love most about this pallet is the fact you can interchange the little quadrants and that they are very pigmented. I have used more of the natural colours, and have not used the green or blue one yet. However I do intend to use them. Just a little quick post for you guys. 

Thanks for reading xx


D of E training day

Hi readers!

So at the end of last school year, I chose to do D of E bronze. This meant that I had a training day, today.

To start of with my group did cooking (basically learning how to use the camping cooking equipment and boiling water), which then resulted in Pot Noodles and Hot Chocolate. A great start to the day when you haven’t had breakfast!

The next was learning about navigation and map reading, not my favourite thing in the world! Another non-favourite of mine was a man talking about what we should pack. That for an hour was the worst!

But then it was first aid, now that was funny! The boys in our group mucking around and when it came to practise CPR on a dummy… All I can say is I don’t want them to do CPR on me if I needed it!

Then to top off a day like today, it was time to learn how to put up a tent. And what better way to do it, than to have a race with your best friend against your boyfriend! I won! ;) 

But now I get the joy of having a long walk tomorrow as the second part of it! 

Hope you liked this daily post. Talk to you later xx


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