Hi guys,

Long time no speak, been busy with exams, yay! ;)

But this post I wanted to open up about my friendship issues because well, I see to have a problem holding down friends. In year eight I was friends with two girls and had been friends with them for over a year and I thought they would be friends for a long time. I really thought they would be there at my wedding. But then one day one of them told me, I wasn’t the same person and not the sort of friend she wanted. I didn’t know what I had done and was heart broken. The other friend followed her and I was left.

I didn’t know how to cope with it and had many friendships that ended. I kept thinking I had done something wrong, and that it is always my fault. Then I meet one of my best friends, and she had a few other best friends but I felt nothing of it. Then this year suddenly everyone is her best friend, and I feel like a rental friend to her. During term time she doesn’t speak to me a lot and posts so many pictures on Instagram of her many friends. Then when its half term I am allowed back on the scene. I don’t know if I’m over thinking it but whenever I try to bring it up, it’s almost dismissed. Im the friend thats allowed to be used and I can’t deal with it again. I don’t know :(

But my Boyfriend is always here and my best friend Becca and her Boyfriend Harry. But hey I’m sure it will sort itself out and school finishes soon. I just feel like it will always be my fault because of what happened in year eight. Is that wrong?

Talk soon x

My Week in Pictures

Hi guys!

So I’ve just finished writing my prep work for my Performing Arts controlled assessment tomorrow (I have to go into school to do it (I’m on easter holidays!)). I have also painted my nails for the 5th time this past week and a bit!

I decided to do a post on what I get up to in the first week of the Easter Holidays and decided to show you through pictures etc. So sit back and enjoy :)



As you would know from my previous post I went to the Ideal Home exhibition on the 28th of March (i think!)




This was last Monday and I had a homey-revision session. The life of a year eleven!

IMG_7476I went swimming that night and when I got back, my dad gave me my package that I ordered off of Amazon, it was this chocker.




IMG_7491Tuesday was the same kinda thing really..But I really liked my hair and lunch ;)





On Wednesday I went to school for english in the morning and then my boyfriend came round in the evening and we did the “boyfriend does the make up tag” thing.








Thursday, I went out to get a dress for the following night as I went to a Party. I tried on a really nice combination of a black vest and orange skirt, but I didn’t get it…. We went to Home Sense as well and on the way home I got my boyfriend a chocolate colin the caterpillar! In the evening I went swimming and swam a mile!









Friday! – just a few pictures of my make up that I used and what I looked like :)






Saturday me and my family went out to Basingstoke to do some shopping. The picture above was my dinner and that was the only one I got which annoyingly has my sisters hand in it.






IMG_7594What I got: Jumper and Blue Kimono (H&M) and Dress and Top from Monsoon. Two books from Waterstones.



On Sunday I went to my Uncle and Aunts and forgot to take pictures but here are two.

Talk to you soon x

Ideal Home Show and Gypsy Palm Reader




Hi Guys!

Yesterday me and my family went to the Ideal Home show in London. If you have never heard of it or have never been, it is an exhibition where there is: Interiors, Home Improvements, Gardens, Food and Housewears, Technology, Fashion and Beauty, Shopping and Show homes. I thought it was incredible and so interesting. Everywhere you were there was so much to look at and buy and everybody was so friendly! I really want to go again next year and would recommend it to you guys.

While we were there both me and my mum saw a Gypsy Palm reader and it was amazing to say how much she knew about us without us telling her anything. Usually I wouldn’t go to one because normally it’s a load of crap but when my mum went to it she picked up on a man in my mum’s life had problems with his knee and had cancer. Like wtf! I didn’t even know my Granddad (mum’s dad) had problems with his knee so how could she! When I had mine done she knew some stuff and I was amazed and would recommend going to them. Most people would just say its a waste of money and, yes most are, but if you want to see one then do your research. The woman I saw yesterday was a tenner for palm readings and was amazing. I wouldn’t tell my boyfriend or friends because they would say its stupid or a waste of money but I’m now really into it and would like to go to another one some time in the future.

What are your views on this and have you been to the Ideal Home Show? :)


Views on Depression

Hi Guys!

Nearly a year ago one person out of my family was diagnosed with depression and it me really hard especially it being around two months of loosing my nan. If your reading this and thinking why is she writing this, it’s because I want to talk about something I see in people who actually have it, and people who diagnose themselves because the feel ‘sad’.

My family member started to fall ill, he wouldn’t eat, get shakes, throw up a lot and other symptoms. He thought the world was going to end when there was trouble with Russia and Ukraine last year. It was hard to watch because I had no clue what was happening. Then he was diagnosed and at one point he got really bad because it was all to do with the chemical imbalance in his brain (I think). And it almost took a turn for the worst and one weekend, I thought he was going to kill himself. But over the year he has gotten so much better, it’s still a little there but a whole much better than last year.

A girl in my year used to claim since year nine that she had depression. She would cut herself attempt suicide etc etc. And at that point in time I was her friend and did help her but what I couldn’t stand was she showed off her cuts looking for attention and posting pictures on Instagram like #givingup #depression etc. Like fuck off you don’t know what it is your searching for attention.

This may seem really horrible and I am sorry if I have caused any agro or upset you but I find this topic hard especially when I have a close family member that actually have it when there are people pretending to have it for attention. If you are upset a lot from bullying etc that is not depression, you are upset (understandably) but you shouldnt’t go round saying you have depression.

Again I’m sorry if i have caused an offence to you.

Lucy x

Q and A| 5 year journal

Hi guys!

More excuses coming but I have to admit I have been having writers block and haven’t know what to blog about. Not only that, but I am currently going through the PPEs (pre public exams). Which means I have had a lot of revision etc. But last week I ordered the ‘Q and A, five year journal’ off of Amazon because I saw it on Instagram and other blogs etc and was really interested. So I decided fuck it, I’ll get one. And since getting it I love it! I really like laying in bed before going to sleep and answering the questions on what the day asks.

If you are not familiar with it, it is a small diary which has some form of question a day for 365 days a year. You then write and answer for the same question for five years. I’ll let the pictures show and explain.

IMG_7097 IMG_7098 IMG_7099 IMG_7100 IMG_7101

I hope everyone has a good week and I’ll speak to you soon :D

Lucy xx

Eww-wwy Day

Hi Guys!

I’s sorry for the lack of posts recently, but I have been part of a Pantomime at school called ‘Peter-Pan the Prequel’ and I played ‘Wilma’ or as many people would know here as ‘Tinkerbell”. We had been rehearsing for so long and it all payed off. Not only that but I also performed it on my birthday and it went so good! Aghhh! :D

But anyway it’s the 3rd of February which means its 11 days till… Valentines Day *vomit*. I detest this day so much, it’s throw-up-vill, like what is the point of it?! A peer of mine, goes by the name of Megan, told me a year or two ago that the reason why I didn’t like Valentines day was because I didn’t have a boyfriend. So this year I do have a boyfriend, and guess what I still hate it! So suck my ass! On the day I will be spending it with my boyfriend but I don’t do mushy.

Whats your views?

Dramaindocs xx

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It’s ok to be upset

Hi guys!

So for the last couple of days, I’m going to be honest, I haven’t felt great emotionally. On the 6th January, it was the 1 year anniversary of my Nan’s death which made anything that happen on that day crap. For example, I had to go back to school… And to be honest everyone in my year was dreading it. My drama teacher (who is one of my favourite teachers) then upset me and it caused me to cry thinking about it when I got home. It was nothing bad; but he made a joke that was taken too far and it happened on the wrong day. But the only thing is now, (after my parents sent an e-mail to him and he was very apologetic to me) I feel like the good ‘teacher/pupil’ relationship that we had isn’t there anymore and he favours another pupil. I hate being jealous, but unfortunately I am.

My boyfriend has also had a sick bug about him for the last few days, and thats fine and I looked after him on Monday (on our inset day) but when we came back to school he has just been grumpy at me; this then cause me to get angry at him. That’s another thing, I am bad at controlling my anger or annoyance.

Everything has been building up inside of me, I feel unconfident about myself, but it’s hard to give myself confidence of which I give to others. I also feel unconfident with my role in the pants at school, I don’t mean I am un-happy with my role because I’m playing Tinkerbelle and I love that. But I just feel like what I am doing and how I’m acting it isn’t right :(

I love my drama and I’m not trying to be big headed, but I am one of the best actors in my class (which isn’t hard to be honest because about 80% of the class doesn’t try), and yet I feel I’m slipping. Also, with drama, I feel in my head I have to be the best. Not as an egotistical way, but I get very competitive and want to be the best, so I go hard on myself.

All of this has now resulted in me not looking forward to my birthday which is at the end of the month because I feel I don’t deserve for being mean to my boyfriend sometimes and disappointing people.

But what I was trying to say in this post is, when you feel upset, it’s ok that your upset, take some time to calm down and feel happy. Don’t punish yourself for feeling sad or angry because you’ll only feel worse. (Trust me, I know) And, always think, this doesn’t last a long time, yes you might feel on and of for a couple of days, but it will then end and won’t last forever.

I hope this post was ok.

Lucy x

New York Haul

Hi Guys!

So from the 25th December to 30th December 2014 my family and myself went to New York for a Holiday. We went because last year my Nan was ill during the Christmas period and the she died on the 6th January, we wanted to create new memories because last year wasn’t the greatest.

New York was amazing, but that isn’t what this post is about, I wanted to share with you what I brought over in America. This isn’t showing off or anything so don’t get that impression. :)


We went to see Wicked on Broadway and I couldn’t resist this T-Shirt


When we went into the Disney Store in Times Square and saw Perry the Platypus


From the Disney Store too :O


From Perry to Mac 239 brush


Mac lipstick in Media


I went Bath and Body works, which I was most excited for because they were having a sale and I got 5 for $5. Boom Bargin ;)


I also got this from Bath and Body works


I really wanted a Michael Kors bag but they are really expensive and then I saw this in ‘New York and Company’ and had 60% off so I was like yes please! :O




I got this from the 9/11 memorial and it’s a necklace of leaves that represent the leaves on the ‘Survivor Tree’.

Thanks for reading, feel free to follow :)

Bye guys! xx

Body Confidence

Hi Guys!

I have been finding it really hard to find time to blog and what to blog about, but today I was having really bad confidence issues about my body. I have big boobs, a flabby waist and a big bum, I am ‘curvy’. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as my boyfriend loves it and to be honest I like having big boobs and a bum. But at the end of the day that isn’t seen as acceptable in society. In my year there are girls who some how, have huge boobs, the skinniest waist going, a massive ass then skinny legs… Like come on… How is that possible there is a push up bra somewhere!

Girls like that who post revealing pictures always gets hundreds of likes on there Instagram pictures, then the boys in my year picture there perfect girl like that. A fake tart.

When I post a picture on Instagram and get 20 to 30 likes I feel great, but then when a tart posts a slutty picture of half their ‘boobs’ (well mainly push up bras) and get over 100 likes. This then makes me and many other people feel really crap about themselves. Society is stupid and unfair. However my boyfriend said something smart… ‘Well let me put this straight to you. A lot of boys will only be attracted to you if you show off your boobs in pictures etc. Don’t get me wrong i’m certain boys think you’re pretty but they all look for the *not naming names* kinda style, that’s why she gets so many likes and comments etc.’

But getting to my point after a long rant, is a: slutty girls are attention seeking whores, b: some of them are pretty but they know it c: excuse my french… but do you know what, fuck them who should give a damn. Feel beautiful in your skin and be confident with how you look who needs push up bras. Wear what you want, express yourself in your own way. Who needs to wear a short skirt and a bralet? Wear what you want, be who you are and don’t let the slags get to you, you are beautiful.

Thanks for reading xx

November Favourites!

Hi Guys!

It’s the 27th November, which means two things… 1) – It’s time for a Favourites post and 2) – IT’S NEARLY CHRISTMAS!

Hope you enjoy :)


‘Girl Online’ – By Zoe Sugg

Oh my gosh!! This book is amazing, I have been waiting for a while to read this book, like I am sure most Zoella fans have, and to be honest she has’t disappointed! I received it on the day it came out and by the end of that day I was already on page 100! If you like Zoe’s blog and videos, you will enjoy this.


Revlon Colourstay Links – In ‘Melon’ ‘Gold’ ‘Bone’

 These eyeshadows are pretty fabulous and I especially love the white colour (‘Bone’) to highlight the inner corners of my eyes and under my brows.


Body Shop Body Mist – Mango

This smells so delicious and makes me smell good through out the days, I have also had many compliments on it!


Concerts – Lady Gaga, Linkin Park

WOW! These two concerts were too good not to put into this post!

I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!

This usually appears in the month of November and I look forward to it all year round. I feel really bad for the people who don’t live in England and don’t get to watch this show.

Those were my favourites of this month, happy reading…

Dramaindocs xx


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